Employee Benefits

Subject to meeting specific criteria our employees enjoy the following benefits


  • Competitive salaries and wages
  • Ongoing development and training for all staff
  • Maternity leave program
  • Promotional opportunities and great careers
  • Support with temporary and permanent visas
Superannuation – Kiwisaver

HamiltonJet will match your Kiwisaver contributions up to 3% of your contributions.

Medical Insurance

You will have the opportunity to join the subsidised company medical insurance scheme with Southern Cross medical insurance.
You can choose and pay for additional modules for your cover for your extended family based on your personal circumstances. 


The company offer subsidised food  in the company cafeteria for all employees


For those in customer facing roles or on the tools technicians we will provide you with uniforms, overalls and the required safety equipment you need to perform your work.


Our Technicians require a basic toolkit and we offer you an interest free tool loan as well as discounts on tools purchased from companies within the company.